Lexulous Fans for LIFE
Here are some AWESOME players who love Lexulous. Start a game or submit your pic!
it is always up to date and can setup games with multiple players
It is my only friend sometimes. The greatest find...well next to greatest find.
I ,ve been playing for a few years now, love the game. I like to enjoy ! fun game.and very addictive.
Retired Scottish greenkeeper. This game is a great way to pass the time and chat with new people from all over.
The fulcrum of my self esteem!
Loved playing scrabble with my mom for as long as I can remember!
Awesome and Addicting Game !!! Hello from India
Hi love you. Pretty shy. .....
I have been enjoying Lexulous for a few years. Relaxing, stress free and enjoyable.
Play for beauty of word placement. Not always high score. I yam competitive, though.
Bus Driver Plays In every break Scrabble crazy
Played Scrabble since I was a kid in a rural area of Australia - thats what we did to entertain ourselves. Still enjoy the game as an active brain stimulant!
Love the challenge of the game but hate the nerve wracking time limit... so rarely play anything besides "practice". Loving the new puzzle game though!
Love puns and word-plays -fun of invention for invention s sake - being idle while brainstorming
Love to play. Slowly getting better!😜
Have been playing Lexulous for years. Met some great people, even visited USA to meet one of them!
I admin for a scrabble group on FB called Breakaways , FB scrabble doesnt always load so this is a great subsitute.
Lexulous allows me to keep in touch with family in a fun way.
first blooms of my pink wisteria
Love to play, including multiple games. Looking for challengers that know words longer than 3 or 4 letters!
Let fellow players see what an aging hippy looks like.Let the game begin!!
Met some lovely people from all over the world. No pressure just enjoyable games
fun game when not fishing/golfing
Been playing scrabble most of my life. And playing on-line for a little over ten years now
A great way to spend time with wonderful (mostly) people playing my favorite game.
Best game ever... SO addicted!
Spend the sleepless nights training my brain
I really love this game .. First thing that comes in my mind when boredom strikes. Love ,love..
Hello I am from Belgium (Dutch speaking) Loved the game as a kid now I am playing here to improve my English
Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play. Hence, I have learnt how to gracefully lose, and enjoy winning when I do win.
Been loving lex for about 10 years now. Play a lot via the email version. Feel free to challenge me there!
I play both live and through email. One of the best games ever!
Good word game and I have played word games for a long time.
Great way to keep engaged and in touch!
Fun site to play, learn and make new friends. Thank you Lexulous.
greeting and salutions my future foes...and maybe friends ;)
I have played since I was young, love this game!
I usually play in e-mail forum. Great fun!
Love the game! A great way to relieve tension after a hard day of work!
Hi I have been playing Scrabble for many years and I love the challenge. Lexulous Rocks!
Cant beat a good game of Scrabble, a very enjoyable game, come and have a chat and feel free to join me or even add me to your friend happy scrabbling everyone
This game is a stress buster for me
Happy to be alive and playing the game.
Hello from Kentucky (United States). Really enjoy Lexulous!! In my opinion better than Scrabble. Anyone care to play???
From Lionel Mathew, India. Thank u all u out there, who love to play with me!
We enjoy playing Lexulous and communicating with others near and far. We say "Hello" from Canada.
Lexulous - where I met Elanore - the sweetest woman in the whole world and a formidable Scrabble opponent! But I still love her even when she wins! ;-)
I hate it when the Red Sox lose !
Love Lexulous, have made many friends on this site.and always enjoy the chat feature.
Hi, I have been playing on this site for many years now! It is a great way to wind down and forget the stresses of the day, and play people from all over world!
Love This Game, Keeps my mind active and a Great Way to Pass The Time, Love The Challenges, Enjoyable and Real Fun
A little more challenging than Scrabble. Fun!
Love the game and love my new friends... Carolee1 in sunny Florida
Love this game! Hi to all from Minnesota!
Words are fascinating. Not very good at this game but love to play.
hey from Canada love the game
New player. Keep the boredom at ease 😂
Hiya Lex pals...thanks for the fun!
been playing scrabble since I was a young girl with my mom, I find it a nice way to unwind after work! Enjoy meeting you guys!
its nice to put faces to the names of people I have met playing this addicting game!
Would really love to play with proper words from Oxford, Cambridge or Macquarie dictionaries without all the nonsensical words!
Any players - rating >1800. No word gens please!!
The best way to distress after a long day.
sometimes I need this silly game to keep my sanity!
I love the game and also meeting people from all over the world :-)
Anyone for a cup of tea and some scrabble ?
i think i am addicted to this !!
here is Tahir from Pakistan , I am going to be addicted to lex
Hello its And21...hey guys im a lady as you can see....addicted to lex...hi to all my lovely friends on FB esp Alexa w and Bugsy xx look forward to playing you
I love word games and Lexulous is really fun to play.
Good Luck and God bless to all lexulous addicts.. :) :D <3
Hi fellow scrabblers, enjoy good company and chat as I play..
I am a writer and translator and in love with words. Naturally scrabble is the game for me.
From England. I Lex therefore I am!
hi i love playing lex,, not very good yet though still trying lol
Gotta love a word game that let's you check validity before playing it...
Hi,thought it was time I posted a pic.Love Lex,and have made many awesome friends.Oh yes,I've played quite a few games too :)
My name is Tracy, I am 38 years old and I live in Newfoundland, Canada !! I Look forward to playing with some fellow scramble lovers !!
Love to play this wonderful word game! It exercises the mind! :)
56 , married, 2 grown up kids. Love music, dancing and cruises
Hi everybody. I am not very experienced with this game so try to not be too hard on me.
Fun relaxing way of meeting friends
I've played Lexulous for a long time. I'm addicted! When I was younger, I never dreamed this would ever be available online.
Hello! I've been playing on this site for several years. I play for the fun of it, but don't always play daily.
I love playing because it's fun and keeps me challenged.
Big lexulous fan from UK but living in Berlin, currently trying to get my rating back over 2000
always liked scrabble,,and chatting
Retired old Codger. Enjoy playing to keep my mind active
I love Lexulous because it is good fun to play anytime you can!
Trying to Tough Through... Thinking Things Thoroughly Through & Through!
Always enjoyed scrabble don't care about ratings or whether I win or lose. This game all depends on the letters you get.
I have a love hate relationship with Lexulous. Some days I like playing, other days not so much.
Word game junkie. US or UK dictionary, any rating, any speed. WGs seem to defeat the purpose, dontcha think???
I use the rake to comb my moustache. Play anyone anytime UK version
Hi, I live in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA and have been an avid scrabble player for most of my life. Love playing on-line and learning about the other players.
Just love playing the game (UK version)
I've been playing Scrabble for about 45 years.....it's how I learned to read. I love the game in whatever form it takes! :)
Hi Everyone, this is one game that keeps me moving. Cheers Congvin
Love playing this game, have met some really nice people around the world playing
I have been playing word game(s) for more than 30 years and enjoy this online game too ! Met up with some real good players and cherish playing with each of them
I'm like, real cool and stuff, heheh.
I love words and I love meeting other people who do too. See you soon.
I'm the one on the right, with my husband Carl. My name is Danielle and I live in St. Paul, MN, US. Lex is a great way to relax when I have down time.
I love is game and welcome anyone to start a game with me
I never was really interested in word game(s), not until I found Lexulous online! yay for Lexulous!
It is actually fun playing with all my competitors from around the world!!!!
Dance comme si personne ne te regardais !
Hello Fellow Lex Addicts... I know there may be better ways to spend our time, but Lex is so wonderfully addictive that I'm at ease with those of like mind.
I LOVE Lexulous and play every day. Couldn't live without it. If I skip a day, I'm back with a vengeance. I hope this site is always here for us :-)
Hi from France, I've been playing email Lexulous since it started, with friends and family. Benleaze
One of these days, I may look back and wonder what I may have accomplished instead of playing Lexulous! Love the game and meeting folks from around the world.
Hi from Northern California. Big shout out to Jay form making us such an enjoyable place to play.
I love the game and the website. I am a PRO member and therefore you can count on me! I won't quit.
Greetings from the Rocky Mountains! Thanks to the Agarwalla brothers for making this possible. I love staying in touch w/family & friends & making new friends.
So nice to put FACES TO NAMES WE play. Nice to meet you Lexulous Players.I love reading, tennis and dancing. Look forward to meeting more of you.
Been playing off and on, on this website, for years now. Been playing word games in general though for over 15 years. Love them!
Lexulous is a fantastic way to meet people! Most of these people are phenomenal folk who share the love for this game!
Hi, I am Shahid Hussain, 38 years old male from Canada. I love this game because I can meet so many wonderful friends. Add me Skype id: shahid.hussain623
hi from the prairies of Canada ... love fun games with players who do NOT use word generators ... Good luck playing but only average luck against me (hehe)
I've been playing on this site since 2007, and now compete in NASPA tournaments in the US. I love playing this game!
I am a writer and a reader, so you might say I'm a lover of words and language. I live in Texas where understanding a second language (Texan) comes in handy.
Been playing here for quite a while, its a great past time wheb im off from work. Met some nice people too though i dont chst much. I hope to play here longer.
love playing word game(s) on this site, been playing for 30yrs ABSP players welcome to play with me !!
I have played Lex for many years! I love it! have made many friends and have my family hooked as well! I'm always up for a game and the chance to meet new peopl
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